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Executive Board

Victoria Blaisdell

Hello! My name is Victoria, and I am a senior Economics major and Writing minor from Mechanicsburg, PA. Besides serving on Leadership Team for DCF, I enjoy working as Production Editor for the college's literary magazine, swing dancing, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and laughing with friends. The Lord has used my time at Gettysburg to gently reveal the overwhelming depth of my sin and the abundant grace that is found through faith in Jesus alone. I have learned that His love is the only thing that will truly satisfy and only He will save us from death, and it is this message of hope that I want to bring to my fellow college students. I pray that the Lord will do incredible things on campus this year!

Derika Schlueter

Hi! My name is Derika Schlueter and I am a Senior majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Spanish. I grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. Outside of DCF, I am a member of the pre-health professions club and I also volunteer at the Painted Turtle Farm (which has nothing to do with turtles). I also love traveling and experiencing new cultures. Initially leaving the strong Christian community at home was nerve-wracking but the DCF has become my home away from home and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do this year at Gettysburg!

Nicole A. Densmoor

Hi guys! My name is Nicole, and I am a junior with a double major in Music and Psychology. I was born and raised in Indonesia and moved to Severn, MD my first year of high school. I LOVE to sing and am therefore involved in the College Choir, praise team, and the all-female a cappella group Upscale. I've known Christ all my life, but didn't have a personal relationship with Him until my freshman year of college. Over the summer God has given me such a heart for the nations and I can't wait to see and be a part of His redeeming plan for the world!


Matthew Sult

Hey all! I am a Junior Biology and Religious Studies double-major from Lancaster, PA! These past couple of years have really taught me a lot about how the Lord uses everything to further His kingdom. He always finds a way to use seemingly bad situations to draw His children closer together, and to Him. In addition to this fellowship, I'm involved in the College Choir and Phi Kappa Psi! I can't wait to see how He works through you this year!


Team Leaders

Tom Segerstrom

Hi, my name is Tom Segerstrom and I am a mathematical economics major here at Gettysburg. I’m from the Boston area and I am very excited to be a part of the Leadership Team of Gettysburg DCF this year. Besides DCF, I am involved with the Honor Commission, IAA, and the LIU Tutoring program. I enjoy very much reading my Bible or books on economics, taking the time to be on the water, and overall just having fun. I feel God has led me to the Leadership Team, and to lead the EPIC fellowship (Juniors at Gettysburg). I can’t wait to see what God will do on campus this year with DiscipleMakers and to see others come to know Christ as their Savior! (John 17:3)


Carolyn Kirsch

Hi there! I’m a junior who loves being a Music and English double major because I get to sing, listen to lots of music, and read lots of books! I was born and raised in a New Jersey small town and I absolutely love Gettysburg, especially the loving and welcoming community of DiscipleMakers. I really enjoyed co-leading a Bible study last year, during which the Lord taught me a lot about trusting in Him instead of my own abilities, and I’m super excited to co-lead another Bible study this year. When I’m not attending a Bible study or one of DiscipleMaker’s many fun events, you might find me singing, going on a run, meeting new people, baking, or eating whatever I or someone else has baked!


Amanda Loehr

Hi! I am a senior Biology major and Chemistry minor. I was born and raised in the small town of Lebanon, PA. In addition to serving as one of the Frontier Team Leaders, I am also the President of the Pre-Veterinary Club and I do biomedical research in the Health Sciences department. This time next year I hope to be starting veterinary school! Everyone who knows me, knows I love animals, and that I am a foodie. The discipleship and community that I have gotten through DCF has definitely been the highlight of my time here at Gettysburg. Jesus’s presence on this campus is very real and I am so thankful to be able to share His love with others.


Jessie Martin

Hello! I am a Junio Chemistry major and I plan to seek certification in Secondary Education. I am from Rockville, MD. Besides DCF, I am involved in the Campus Activities Board (CAB) on campus. I enjoy listening to and singing music, and was involved in Concert Choir last year. I also enjoy reading, taking pictures, and swing dancing with my friends. I am so excited to be on LT this year, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for all of us!

Emily Garrigan

Hello! My name is Emily Garrigan and I am a Junior at Gettysburg College from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a Resident Assistant and a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. I enjoy all outdoor activities, knitting and volunteering at Campus Kitchen, DC Outfitters and Painted Turtle Farm in my spare time. I am serving as the Action/Community Team Leader on Leadership Team of Disciplemakers Christian Fellowship this semester and the Lord has really been teaching me a passion for loving others and the importance of fellowship in college.


Alyce Norcross

¡Hola mis amigos! My name's Alyce and I'm a junior Health Sciences major, (I can't believe I'm half way done with college!) This fall I'm studying abroad in Chile at a public health program, and I'm super excited to see how God will use me in this adventure! When I return to Gettysburg in the Spring, I will be serving as a Team Leader for our Service Team, hopefully working alongside all of you to figure out the Lord's call for us to be merciful servants and stewards of His creation. If you want to find me on campus I'm either in commons drinking my daily* coffee (*2 or 4), studying in the library (I practically live there) or in class in the Science Center! I'm also very involved with our campus chapter of American Association of University Women! ¡Hasta pronto! Chao!


Brittany Duffie-Fritz

Hello! I’m a senior at Gettysburg College, majoring in History and minoring in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. I am from Berwyn, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. During my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, having movie marathons, and doing late night food runs! I got to have some amazing experiences last year, between studying abroad in Australia, visiting New Zealand, and coming back to Gettysburg to meet all of the new people! It was awesome to see how God's people are working across the world, and I'm so excited to continue that work here on Gettysburg's campus!

Leadership Team


Stephanie Leonardo

Hi friends! I am a sophomore math major and environmental studies minor. I'm completing the teacher certification as well. I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, but love living in Gettysburg. As well as being in DCF, I'm on the college softball team, honor commission, student athlete advisory council, and volunteer coach in the Gettysburg rec soccer league. I love Jesus, ice cream, hanging with friends, running on the battlefield, watching sunsets, singing/dancing randomly, playing sports, and doing math for fun! I'm so excited to see how God works on campus and in all of our lives this year!


Erica Paul

Hi I'm Erica! I am Junior here at Gettysburg College. I am a Political Science major and a French and Anthropology minor. Along with DCF leadership team, I am also a member of the women's tennis team, a Young Life leader (shoutout to my girls Cara and Rachael), and a member of APO. I am very excited to be on LT this year because becoming a part of the DCF community was an extremely positive part of my freshman year experience. I hope that I can help create the same experience for underclassmen in the years to come. So yeah, that's pretty much me :)


Jennifer Simone

Hi everyone! I'm Jennifer Simone from Mahwah, New Jersey and I am a junior at Gettysburg College.  I am a history major and am in the teacher certification program. On campus I am involved in the Civil War reenacting club and I write for the college's Civil War blog. I've met such amazing friends in DCF and can't wait to make more!





Maurice Phiri

Hello! I am from Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. I am a Junior Hi everyone, I am from Lilongwe, Malawi. Am a senior studying Mathematical Economics. I enjoy listening to music - pretty much any kind of music that has a positive message behind it, but my favorite genre is Christian Hip Hop. I'm a big 116 Clique/Reach Records Fan. I have been a Christian ever since I was a young'un, but I only got a healthy understanding of the Gospel during my Sophomore year when I read  Pastor Joseph Prince's book "The Power of Right Believing". It's a beautiful thing to be part of a christian community and  I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for DCF this academic year. Grace & Peace

Laura Fodale

I am a rising sophomore from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Last year I declared a Physics major but thankfully I have plenty of time to jump ship on that one. I love being outside and spending time with people. Some simple pleasures are apples with peanut butter, singing, laughing, honestly most food, and walking barefoot. God has really taught me to view every moment in life as an opportunity to evangelize and share God's amazing grace to us instead of just in formal structured settings. 

Liam Hamilton

Hello hello! I'm Liam Hamilton, a current Sophomore here at Gettysburg College! I'm from Prospect Park, PA, a suburb right outside of Philadelphia. This is my first year helping out on LT. While I'm still working through exactly what I want to do here at Gettysburg, I'm currently a declared Classics major. I like to play video games and root for every Philly sports team imaginable. I've grown immensely in my faith here at Gettysburg, and I hope I can do the Lord's work in bringing people even closer together.

Colleen King

Colleen is a sophomore from Bristol, CT. She is planning on majoring in Mathematics and English with a Writing Concentration. In her free time, Colleen enjoys spending time with her friends and taking lots of road trips. This past year, the Lord has really taught her about forgiveness and clarity in times of trouble. Colleen is very excited to be serving on the Leadership Team this year!

Haoju (Orange) Li

My name is Haoju(Orange) Li. I am from Chengdu, China. The city I live in is also known as the hometown of pandas. If I could add hashtags for my life, traveler, foodie and international would be my top three choices. I am a sophomore with a declared chemistry major. As a science person, I feel the Lord has been a blessing to me so much since college. God makes me realize that the world is not merely constructed by complex molecular compositions, it is build on love, faith, and hope.



Sarah Bradley

Why hello there! My name is Sarah Bradley and I am a sophomore at Gettysburg College. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I love going on adventures in my beautiful city. On campus I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega as well as a Resident Assistant on Stine 3. I love meeting new people and if you see me around campus don't hesitate to say hello!

Olivia Benson

Hi! My name is Olivia Benson, and I am a sophomore Music Education major here at Gettysburg College. I love all things involving music -- I like spending my time singing, playing my ukulele, and listening to various types of music! Besides music, I like to go on hikes, write, and spend time with my friends and family. The biggest lesson the Lord has taught me during my time at Gettysburg is that we are made new each and every day. The mistakes we've made yesterday or a year ago don't matter anymore -- His mercies are new every morning and we are washed clean. 2 Corinthians 4:16